Audio-Visual Installation


LCD, Plasma & LED TV setup:

Table Top or Wall Mount installation. Wall mount can be done hiding cables in conduit, (least expensive) or inside the wall (best looking). If you have special wiring needs to make the mount location work, we can bring in an electrician (a partner-in-service) who is licensed and insured. We can set up your Blu-Ray, DVR or other add on AV equipment and show you how to operate it.

Surround Sound Installation:

Surround Sound installations should be well thought out. We can advise the best solution for your installation site if you consult us before you make your purchase. Remember, the salesman at the store usually just wants to make a sale, and does not always match the surround sound system to your TV, other equipment and install location. Even if you have already purchased, we can help you sort out difficulties.