Wireless Installation

Wireless Broadband (receiving internet through the air) and Wireless Networking (WiFi) are often confused.

Broadband is a word that means using a broad band of signal to send data – meaning it travels in larger amounts usually at higher rates of speed to and from a source (such as an Internet Service Provider’s towers) to and from a destination (such as your wireless broadband modem.)  This method uses a digitalized data transmitted through the air using radio waves instead of copper or fibre telephone cabling.  It is able to reach places where ADSL is not available, providing the location is capable of receiving the radio transmission from a nearby tower.

WiFi is a more localized application of networking that uses radio transmissions to replace ethernet or other networking cabling in a house ore business.  It has a much more limited range, and is intended to connect a computer, printer, or other WiFi-equipped item to the network when using wires is either impractical or undesireable.  Notebook computers (aka laptops or portables) are good examples of WiFi at work.  You wish to be able to go from point to point on the premises without having to constantly unplug and plug in cabling.  Today’s popular smartphones can use WiFi technology to tap into and share network resources such as internet and email as well.

At Axiom, we can advise you concerning what technologies best suit your needs, and configure the equpment to give you the most out of it.