Computer Training

People today depend on their computers for both business and personal activities. For many people, computers are even their primary mode of entertainment and correspondence.  Computers are a much faster way to send letters and photos via email, and with today’s fast internet

you can even make calls with live video! While computers are becoming more commonplace, learning to use them can be a daunting obstacle so computer training is part and parcel of computer usage.  Thankfully, there are many resources available.  Someone looking for instruction on computer use can find extensive manuals and classes both in traditional classroom settings, via videos and online. However, individual computer training can be a much faster and more effective way to learn.

At Axiom Onsite we offer personalised training, any question you might have will be answered immediately, and your instruction will be tailored to you. We will show you how use your operating system and get the most out of your computer:  use Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and many other programs. Learn to communicate with family by using Skype, Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, send and receive photos and emails – we can help you set up and operate accounting software…the scope is almost without limit!