Data Recovery

Fast and secure data recovery. Data loss, whether due to viruses, hardware failure or corruption can be disastrous. We can help you recover your lost data and missing files from all devices and provide strategies for preventing losses in the future. We will help you transfer your data from one media to another drive or media.
It should always be said that some failures make data recovery difficult and expensive.  Some situations require that damaged media be sent to a lab for attempted recovery. While we can organise that for you, there is never a guarantee that all data can be recovered in all situations. However, is you have an inaccessible operating system, but your hard drive still works, if you have accidentally deleted a crucial document and emptied your recycle bin before you noticed the loss, if you have deleted your Windows account and erased all the documents then realized you need some of the information that was there, chances are we can retrieve it. In any case you will get a fair, honest evaluation of your situation and guidance in making decisions as to how to proceed. If your data is sensitive and confidential we will provide a means to assure you that no one else will have access to your personal or business information.