Virus and Internet Security

Internet Security needs are greater than ever before. A computer user can be tricked or forced into downloading software that is of malicious intent. Such programs are know as malware and come in many forms, such as viruses, trojan horses. spyware and worms. Malicious software is sometimes used to form botnet, joining your computer to others to be used as remote handling stations to send out spam, and to commit fraud.

Virus, trojan horses, spyware, worms and botnets are tools in the malware toolbox that hackers and other criminals use to either gain illegal profit from the internet or to perform malicious and mischievous acts of interference and damage.

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Internet Security

People often ask how they become infected with these things, or why people send out these things. There is no single answer. Without doubt profit motive plays a huge part, but for some, it is akin to vandals breaking windows or painting graffiti, with no real profit motive. Most modern malware, however, has some criminal or inappropriate goal in mind.

Some practice extortion, infecting you with a program that hijacks your computer in some way and gives you a way to pay to fix the problem. NEVER DO THIS! There is no guarantee it will be fixed and the criminals will have your credit card details. Others are attempting identity theft, or access to information that will allow access to financial resources such as bank accounts, credit cards, retirement funds, investments, etc., Some are after your contact list. If you have ever been contacted through email by a friend claiming to be stuck in a foreign country and needing emergency financial assistance to get home. You most likely have had your contact list hijacked and now the next step is to attempt to cash in on the crime by defrauding you of some funds. Some attacks simply want to direct traffic to one of their sites, such as pornography, gamblimg or even legitimate retail outlets where they hope to recruit customers. Some of the ‘free software’ you have innocently downloaded takes over your internet browser and directs your searches to sites that pay the service for trafic to their business.
Some are attempting to capture your machine to be used in their black enterprise as an unwitting partner in crime.

No matter the reason, the presence of malware is undesirable and does not have to be tolerated. Depending on the nature of the infection, steps need to be taken to remove range from easy to extreme to get rid all traces of infection.

It is our practice to determine the extent of infection, and recommend a course of action that fits the circumstance. Most cases can be cured with a few simple steps whilst others may need a little more in order to prevent reinfection.
We are aware that cost can be concern and that people will want to find a solution that does not cost a lot of money thus we will tell you what you have, and the choices you have to get rid of the infection.
We will neither recommend a one-size-fits-all flat fee for ‘virus removal’ or some expensive solution that could have made you wish you had just bought a new computer. We will keep cost under control and guarantee results.

Some of the more popular internet security available:

Norton Internet Security

Kapersky Internet Security

McAfee Security

Disclaimer: The above are personal preference only – please ensure that you check the goods offered prior to any purchase you may make!